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Vintage ghost cars of

In September, a car found dumped in the woods incited the anger of a Sooke, B.C. resident, enough to take the matter into his own hands and become a UsedVictoria vigilante. The investigation was easy as the owner’s insurance and registration were still in the glove box which helped make the public shaming of the litter bug front-page news.

These vintage cars below were not dumped, but have been sitting as a project in waiting, as the forest tries to absorb them.

The salvager who posted these relics for sale on has been slowly disassembling them, which is difficult work given that a few trees had to be cut down to even access them. We couldn’t resist contacting him to find out more about the work he’s doing, which he compared to “opening a time capsule.”

 Usually we do a monthly round-up of the best vintage cars found across Canada, and usually it focuses on cars that are actually running. But since Halloween is approaching these ghost cars and trucks seem fitting!

1947 Mercury truck

Look on the bright side, at least the moss and ferns cover up the rust.

1963 Studebaker Hawk 

From the pictures it looks like trees grew up around this car on all sides. An all natural anti-theft parking spot.

1957 Buick estate Caballero wagon

Just last month one of these wagons raised $580,000 at a charity auction. Although it was owned by a former president and auctioned off by Jay Leno, our ghost wagon in the forest is still living up to the company slogan“Buick, the spirit of American style.” 

1946 General Motors truck

Personally this one is my favourite. It’s the kind of truck that would look best with a bale of hay and a sheepdog in the back.

Ford Consul 315

This one’s pretty rare as just over a 100,000 of these cars were made by Ford in the U.K.

1957 Austin Cambrian

Pictured below sitting on the car is Dave, the salvager, he is not included with this car.

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Originating from Roberts Creek B.C. Harrison Kamermans can be found scavenging the free section of

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Ken Pleasance

That’s a Studebaker Lark, not a Hawk. Definitely not a 1963 either. Looks more like a 1959 or 1960.


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