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Love letters


What describes the perfect evening with the one you love? Long walks on the beach? Dinner and a movie? Or does it involve someone you’ve met online and messing around with rope?

Tying an antique chair to the roof of our car with rope is how my girlfriend and I spend our evenings together.

Our version of a “candlelight dinner,” is snuggling on the couch while browsing for funky furniture, followed by a romantic drive to the seller’s house. If you thought that this night was headed somewhere else, you’re on the wrong website. 🙂



Unlike other classifieds, has no personal ads, no casual encounters and no missed connections. Although we’ve created a safe site for family-friendly browsing, this February, the month of love, we’re making a small (but safe) exception: Love Letters!LoveLettersCategory

You and your loved ones are already searching on for something special, so we’ve made a brand new ad category just for sending love letters to your special someone(s). Your wife, your husband, mom, dad, grandma, or even the Prime Minister…  Share your love, but keep it clean because we’ll be watching!

Love Letters is a limited edition category only available until the end of February. To post a Love Letter head to your local site and post an ad here.



Originating from Roberts Creek B.C. Harrison Kamermans can be found scavenging the free section of

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