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Weekend Warrior

As many of you may be aware, I’m doing my very last semester of studies this summer. This hasn’t stopped me from having a little fun and taking some (very, very brief) vacations!

This past weekend I was in Seattle with my lovely friend Michela; she got tickets for us to see the hilarious stand-up stylings of Chelsea Handler at the Paramount Theatre.

After that, it was far too much shopping (definitely had to pay taxes and duties at customs on the way back, that’s a whoopsies), a trip to the Pike Place Market and the very first Starbucks and this mythical place I had only heard tales of… Chipotle!

Before we knew it we were back on the Victoria Clipper for the trek home (definitely recommend, only about three hours from downtown to downtown).

Do you have any weekend getaways planned for summer? Do tell!


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good timing – bet lots of people are going away for the long weekend!

i’m going to my family’s cabin which was built by my step-granddad some 50 years ago. very rustic and old. however, it’ll be my last time there because the fam is selling it. don’t cry for me though, their building a new one way closer to home!!


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