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Used Cars – The Best of Our Vintage Rides

When you are searching for used cars, it’s nice to know which rides still top the cool list. Here is our list of the best vintage cars on our sites this week.

All the used cars we list below we found on the sites but please note that vehicles sell very quickly on our sites, so if you do click a link, that vehicle may have been sold.

All vehicles Found on The Sites.


Not technically part of the used “cars” category, the Vespa originated in Italy, in 1946, but it’s still one of the most rad rides in town. A great commuter bike, the Vespa is particularly hip if you are heading to school or taking a quick trip downtown. Rain or shine, with some slick rain gear and a quality helmet, you’re off to a good start with this vintage Vespa. The Vespas we used in our collage we found on

Chevrolet Corvette

Established as America’s first 2-seater sports car, the Chevrolet Corvette never really goes out of style. The great thing about these used cars is that they have been around for so many years now, that you will be able to find a colour and style that suits your tastes pretty easily. We found this great Corvette, featured in our collage, in the used car category of

Rockboard Scooter

If you can’t justify spending the money on a Corvette, consider a Rockboard scooter, not much of a downgrade at all! Ultra-fashionable, these fun rides are a hip version of the classic push scooter. Hop on and have fun! We love this Rockboard found on

Jeep CJ

Okay, so the Jeep CJ may sound like a car of the past, but this vintage vehicle is still a popular choice when purchasing used cars. It’s a fun and reliable way to get around, get out of town, and load up your friends for a day trip. The Jeep CJ we found on is 1969 and only $2,000 and it looks COOL! Here’s the link: Used Jeep CJ.

Ford Mustang

The Ford Mustang has been around the block since 1964, and it has only increased its level of “cool” since that time. Finding a vintage Ford Mustang is a real treat, and we have seen quite a few come up on our sites of late. Take a look at this beauty found on, it’s a 1965 Ford Mustang Coupe.

Yamaha Motorcycle

According to some sources, the Yamaha motorcycle is one of the best rides of all time. Some vehicles never age and are able to keep their curves. The Yamaha motorcycle seems to be one of those vehicles. This model we found on is a customised Yamaha that looks like a Harley. It is gorgeous.

1968 Mercedes Benz

The 1968 Mercedes Benz is a timeless vehicle that looks like it should belong in a foreign film. If you have a few dollars to spend, check out this gem we found on Maybe it’s the sunset, maybe it’s the car, but I’m putting this is the ‘most romantic car ever’ category.

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[…] UsedEverywhere | Used Cars – The Best of Our Vintage Rides … […]


used bmw 5 series

Really cool cars compiled. Have rarely seen such lot of vintage cars in single page.


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