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Valentines on a shoe string

My team recently wrote a piece around low cost ideas for Valentine’s Day. There are just so many ways you can show your loved one how much you love them without blowing the bank on diamonds and chocolates (though if that’s not a bank blow for you – go for it!)

Many people poo poo Valentine’s Day as a day created by Hallmark. Not true. Hallmark can’t create saints, and Valentine’s Day is in fact a liturgical celebration of Valentinus, the saint. Many people also poo poo the church, so it’s your call as to whether you need a day a year to be extra romantic… maybe you are romantic everyday. If so, good for you. And are you single?

Personally, I think a day reserved to celebrate your love is no bad thing. That said, here are a few ideas for you that will show your partner you love them, but not leave you penniless.

1. Dinner: Either do something special at home with candles and a nice bottle of wine or dine out the day or weekend AFTER Valentine’s Day. It’s no secret that Valentine’s menus are usually much higher than regular menus. I haven’t had many Valentine’s Day meals out, but from what I remember of them,  they are rushed, claustrophobic and hard on the wallet.

2. The walk: This is my favourite! The night before Valentine’s Day, take a quick trip out to your favourite walking route armed with sidewalk chalk. Leave a message for your loved one on the sidewalk and then walk them that route whilst it is still light out on Vday! Be armed with a back up gesture in case of rain!

 3.  Homemade: Everything is cheaper if it`s homemade and it also adds an extra dose of love and care. Go simple with a card or heart-shaped cookies or if you are a regular crafter go for something more elaborate. Get the kids involved to really pull at mum or dads heart strings. There are a lot of Valentine`s Day craft ideas online if you need inspiration, my go to site for good craft ideas is Better Homes and Gardens.

4.  Coupons: The gift that keeps on giving and all it takes is a little imagination. Either make your own coupons or print from the web – has some cute outlines. Think of treats your partner really enjoys; maybe a foot massage or making his/her favourite food? Or giving him/her free reign of the TV on a Friday night? None of the treats need to cost any money and if you want to get a little more spicey, I am sure it will be appreciated!

So Many Great Love Coupons on Marlene Pattern Designs

5. UsedEverywhereGoes without saying really. Some might balk at the thought of used gifts but remember, a lot of what goes on the Used sites are new and never used. There are also some great antiques and retro items, so if you have a collector for a partner, the Used sites are a great place to find unique gifts they may have been coveting. Even a search on the word Valentines can bring us some great bargains. A quick search on UsedVictoria, which is my local site, brought up gorgeous sculptures, jewelry, cards, photoshoots, pony treks and more – all cheaper than if you were looking elsewhere!

Enjoy your Valentines Day and if you are a couple that doesn’t celebrate, why not be the naughty one who surprises their beau this year, I’m sure they will be thrilled!

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