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UsedTube – A Collection of Our Finest Moments

Like a teenager going through that awkward stage in life, there was a time when was creating content that was more cheesy than compelling. We like to think that we outgrew the tawdry music and bad jokes, but you’ll have to be the judge. Below is a collection of videos we recently dug up from our early days. We’re not sure exactly who made them or what purpose they served, but we want to know what you think.

If you want more, then leave me a comment on Twitter, Facebook, or this blog, and let me know what kind of video content you’d like to see from the UsedEverywhere team in the future. Do you want to see video interviews, testimonials, or a reality show? We want to create videos that you want to watch, so send your ideas our way and there’s a good chance we’ll incorporate them in a future project!

Polly for Sale

Free Personals Classifieds

Pregnancy Test

Be sure to check out our YouTube page, where you can enjoy an entire archive of this stuff, including features on CTV, CityTV, and Global!

As the social media and community coordinator at, Michael is the voice you hear when you phone our 1-800 number and the text you read skim three days a week on our blog. Keep up with his antics on Twitter @MrConkin.

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