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The “Member\’s Lists” are Now “Sellers”

Pop IQ Test! If all Member’s are Quarks, and all Quarks are Sellers, are all Members then Sellers?

You don’t have to answer that, you just have to know that what used to be called Member’s Lists on sites across Canada are now titled Sellers. It might not seem like a change on the highest magnitude, but what it represents is kind of a big deal. You see, the list isn’t exclusive. It’s an area that anyone can join or browse, and it’s a great way to find some great things.

Here’s how it works: anyone who is planning on selling more than one item can click on the “Sellers” tab and then “Click Here to Create Your Own.” After filling out a short form, you’ll have your own little space that will automatically collect all of your ads that contain the specified email address and password (ex: Try it out for yourself and see what some of the most active Usedaholics are posting!

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