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Top Ten Things You Forgot You Had: Spring Cleaning Edition

Spring cleaning isn’t just about keeping up appearances. You might have a spotless foyer and dust-free living room, but what’s inside your closet and garage? Below are ten things you forgot you had and might want to get rid of — or maybe even turn into cash!

10) Baby Stuff

Newborn to 5T clothing haul via UsedPei

Are you still holding on to countless baby sweaters, shirts, pants, and shoes? No one is asking you to rush them out the door, but it couldn’t hurt to pick and choose the items that are particularly important to you and shed some extra weight.

9) Old Costumes

Is it unfashionable to wear the same Halloween costume two years in a row? Ask any costume snob and the answer will be a resounding “no!” Dig into the tickle-trunk and put a price tag on your Harry Potter and Twilight costumes… you won’t be needing them anymore.

8 ) Plant Pots

Various planters via UsedGatineau

Ceramic or terra cotta, plastic or cement, everyone with a green thumb has a plant pot or two that they just might need one day. Keyword: might. Think of the extra space you’ll have when you send them on their way.

7) Kids Sporting Goods

Sparring gear via @UsedNanaimo

You know that smell coming from the closet? It’s emanating from the sports equipment that your kids don’t fit into anymore. It can’t be vacuumed or washed, nor can it be Febreezed away. The only remedy is to pass it off to the arms of an up and coming athlete who doesn’t mind slipping into stinky gear.

6) Books

A couple of lovely encyclopaedias via UsedEdmonton

Aside from the gem or two that you can’t bear to part with, you’ve probably got loads of novels and novellas that absolutely must go. The underwhelming murder mysteries and the cheesy tales of romance are no exception.

5) Golf Clubs

Ladies golf clubs via UsedVictoria

Golfing is a sport for gentlemen and gentlewomen that is, unfortunately, very expensive and time consuming. It comes as no surprise then, that lots of those who try the sport aren’t ready to fully commit. If you fall into that category and you’re ready to reevaluate your decision, you may want to ditch the clubs for something for accessible.

4) Men’s Ties

7 wacky ties via UsedVictoria

Ties are often cited as a fantastic present for dads, and they are. Nevertheless, they will inevitably pile up over time, and every few years you may need to cleanse your rack of the ties that aren’t quite timeless enough to keep.

3) Unused Bicycles

Bike for sale via UsedPQB

Bikes are often one of those things that you use or you don’t. If yours is collecting dust, you may want to put it up for adoption. They always seem to be in high demand, so you’ll have no trouble getting a pretty penny for it.

2) Winter Jackets

Coveted Canada Goose jacket via UsedGatineau

Who doesn’t have five jackets in their closet they could do without? It’s not Summer yet, so pick your favorite and sell the rest before it’s too late.

1) Kids Toys

Motherload of babystuff via UsedVictoria

Have you seen the movie Gremlins? If you answered yes, then you’ll probably share my bewilderment at to why people willingly brought Furbies into their homes. If you answered no, then heed my advice and get rid of it asap. Furbies aside, kids toys are notorious for collecting dust. Your kids may think they’re out of style, but there are likely some out there that would love to get their hands on your lightly used playthings.

So, that’s a lot of stuff you can pass on to someone else and make a little coin in the process. Re-gift, donate or post it for free on your local Used Site. Win, win and win.

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