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Does the environment matter when we’re cold?

As Summer ended and the snow began to fall, I noticed something strange on our blog. The number of posts discussing the environment, climate-change, and the like gradually declined. It wasn’t intentional, and as an organization we’re still very much invested in the reusing and repurposing of goods for the betterment of our small planet. So why the change? I have a theory that when the snow hits and the wind chills, our mammalian priorities shift. After all, how does one find the time to worry about global warming when one’s eyelids are frozen shut?

Winter means using more energy to heat your apartment, more gas to drive your car, and ultimately more money to stay comfy. Conveniently enough, being conscious of your Winter footprint will often lessen the season’s impact on your bank account. But what takes precedence, your creature comforts or a small contribution to the environmental cause? Below are a few ideas that could help you save a tree and some money. The comments section below is specifically designed to house your thoughts, so let me know what you do to save the snow-covered Earth.

  • Take the bus to work/school. Carpooling is a good idea anytime of the year, but in the Winter it has the added benefit of reducing the number of cars on the road (and reducing emissions).
  • Buy a blanket instead of a heater. A cozy blanket will keep you warm for the nightly news while saving you loads on your heating bill.
  • Buy “experienced” presents and wrap them in newspaper. We wrote a blog a while ago on buying used at Christmas and a few of you seemed to be into the idea. Save a treasure from the landfill and wrap it in paper you already have (we’ll have more on this later in the week).
  • Use lamps, not lights. It’s becoming darker outside earlier than ever, but that doesn’t mean that your entire house/apartment needs to be lit up like a Christmas tree. Lamps generally use a lot less electricity than ceiling lights, so try to use more of the former and turn off everything when possible.

Have ideas of your own? Drop them in a comment below!

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Instead of turning up the heat, how about donning a pair of slippers! It might sound silly, but I find that when I feet are warm, I’m warm! Hot water bottles are great too.


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