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Let It Snow!

The quintessential sign of Winter is here. On Monday, November 22nd it snowed in Victoria, British Columbia (See the HQ being smothered to your right). Now for those of you who don’t live on the isle, you should know that it takes the perfect storm of temperature and humidity for the clouds to dump a load this close to the ocean. So it’s not a stretch to assume that if it’s snowing in Victoria, it’s snowing everywhere… and by golly it is.

Canadians that live in the interior are prepared for such things, but living in snowy Victoria presents an interesting scenario. Buses shut down and cars don’t work, so what does one do under house arrest? How do you handle the weather and what would you do if you couldn’t go outside?

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3 Responses to “Let It Snow!”


I browse UsedVictoria – for hours!! Not when I’m supposed to be working though, of course.



Hunker down with a bowl of hot French onion soup!


Peter Joyes

Hey! I went out to the garage and looked at the stuff I had listed on UsedNanaimo but remained unsold, I said OK – Procrastination over. I have to list all this stuff again, with better copy, better prices. Thank the cold weather, I can’t get out There’s two inches of hard ice on my car windshield. I stayed indoors. Cozy and warm. I love this weather.
Thank you for this opportunity.


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