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UsedHQ News: An Interview with Paula the Intern

We’re bringing you a monthly update from the headquarters. This month it’s an interview with the fabulous, amazing, smart and incredible, Paula; our marketing intern extraordinaire.

Paula The Intern

Paula the Intern with Jimmy from the Dev Team

Avid blog readers will know Paula for her terrific blog posts around DIY and upcycling. Here she answers questions around working in the marketing department here at She’s due to leave us this month. Don’t tell her, but there’s superglue on her office chair.

So Paula, you’re the summer intern at, how have you enjoyed your time here?

It has been an amazing experience. I have learned so much about marketing and everyone has been so lovely to work with and so helpful. It is a really great atmosphere.

How did you come across this intern opportunity? Any reason you chose specifically to intern at

My friend Dianne works here and she had said such good things about the company and everyone who works here. I found out the marketing team could use another team member, so after hearing such positive things I wanted to apply. On top of that, I respect what the company stands for; promoting the environment by saving items that someone else could utilize. We also provide a platform for people to buy and sell what they need and don’t need, so it builds a community and helps people find items they might not be able to obtain otherwise.

When you leave to return to university, where are you going and what will you be studying?

I am starting my third year and going into the Richard Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario. This year will be a more general year, but next year I may take courses more specific to accounting. I’m still considering marketing as it has been so fun to work in that sector this summer.

Tell us a little about what you’ve been doing whilst here at Used.

I have been working on our newsletter, giving input to the content and design of that, interacting with users from some of our various Twitter and Facebook accounts, writing blog posts and working at events with our team to interact within the community.

Any chance we can just chain you to your desk, we’d feed and water you I promise? Just kidding. What’s been the favourite part of your role here?

Its all been fun, working on UsedNews, our newsletter, and writing blog posts have been amazing and have let me get a little creative. It has been so positive seeing the results from those. Interacting with users is always fun as I hear some amazing stories from people who’ve found incredible items on our site. They are always so excited to meet someone who actually works at, so that’s pretty cool.

Anything you’ve learned that you didn’t know before?

So many things! Learning the ins and outs of marketing and discovering what really works, what doesn’t and the best ways to promote a business. I’d have to say that one of the best ways is interacting with users and potential users. Just talking to people is really encouraging, as so many people love the company and the service we provide for them.

Anything that you hope to continue doing, either whilst at university or further down the road when you move into a career?

Whether I end up in marketing or not, I hope to always do a little on the marketing side of things as it has been so enjoyable this summer. There are so many different aspects to business and I like too many of them! It is hard for me to choose!

Speaking of career, any specific ambitions?

I hope to have a leadership role in which I can work with people from different teams and different specialties so that I can diversify my skills. I enjoy participating in different sectors of business.

Quickfire round: last thing you bought used?

My family have some bedside tables that were in really nice condition, they were a pretty good find.

Quickfire round: one thing you are still looking for used?

I love looking for used jewelry or little decorative pieces as you often find such unique pieces that you can’t find anywhere else.

Quickfire round: best used find ever?

I found an old silver ring with onyx stone. It is beautiful and one of my favourite pieces of jewelry.

Paula the Intern

We’ll Miss this Lovely Face


Are you our next marketing intern superstar? Stay tuned for more information, coming to a screen near you soon.

Marketing Manager at Lover of yoga, bees, red wine, rock n roll music, good books and mountain views.

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hugh swan

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    Amber R Bosma

    Hi Hugh, there absolutely is a live body at the end of this email! I’ve passed this message on to the moderation team, we are looking into why this won’t work for you. I will keep you informed. Thanks, Amber.

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