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Used Furniture: Buy These Items Used

When it comes to thrifty decor and furnishings, searching for top quality used furniture that’s in good condition is the best way to go.

A lot of used furniture can be put through a simple upcycle – lick of paint, new handles etc –  whilst most can be used as is.

Here I’ve listed items that are easy to find in the used furniture categories of your local site. including our recommendations for words to search for on our sites to get the best results.

We’ve listed lots of items we found on our individual sites, but please note, items go quickly, so don’t be disappointed if the item has already been sold.

used furniture

Each Item Found on

CookWare for the Kitchen

Have you seen how expensive brand new pots and pans can be? If they are high quality, they can last a number of years. This is why it’s better to buy them used, and at less than half the price of buying them new. One sure-fire way of getting a good bargain is to research the new price of the used items you’re interested in. Be sure that the used price is reasonable for what is being offered. Also make sure you see the cookware before you purchase it so that you can make sure there are not any cuts in the bottoms of the pans or broken handles on the pots.

Kitchenware has it’s own category within our Household category. This is where you will find the best deals for your kitchen. We found these gorgeous copper copper clad stainless steel pans on

Search term examples: cookware, pots, pans, copper pots and pans, stainless steel pans, cast iron pans.

Dining Room Table and Chairs

People are constantly upgrading their dining room tables and chairs because their family size increases or they are moving into a bigger/smaller place. When this happens, guess what? It means there is another great dining room set on the used furniture market.

Choosing a kitchen table with little wear and a good shape for the space of your new dining room, will ensure you end up with exactly what you need. Tip: only buy a dining room set that fits your space, you don’t want to end up with more chairs than you have space for, or a bigger table than will fit nicely in your dining room. Make sure you ask dimensions and take a measuring tape when taking a look at the item being offered.

Our favourite dining table this week is this find on dining room table.

Search term examples: dining room table, dining room chairs, dining room set, kitchen table, round table, square table.

Book Shelves and Dressers

Book shelves and bedroom dressers are both items that, when purchased new, are a big expense, especially if you are looking for good quality solid wood. If you buy a high-quality dresser (you know, the kind of dresser that has shelves that don’t bend when you put books on them), then you are better off buying it used. A book shelf will last an eternity, and the resale value of a quality book shelf is high.

Our favourite find this week is this ornate book shelf found on

Search term examples: bookshelf, book shelf, bookshelves, book shelves, dressers, shelves.

Fun and Games

If you are a gadget lover or a games player, there are lots of items you can buy used that would otherwise be unaffordable. From air hockey tables, to electronic video games, it can all be bought second hand. You will also come across some unusual pieces on the sites, like this Stunning Canadiana design Billiard/Pool Table set. We found this one on Not cheap by any means, but absolutely terrific!

Search term examples: depends what you want to find; air hockey table, pool table, video games, playstation, etc.

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You`re right about cookware…I can`t believe people pay up to 400$ for a new set in stores like The Bay and Sears. I have seen so many pieces sell for a dollar or two in a garage sale!


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