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Vintage Furniture for the Bedroom

Vintage furniture is a ton of fun to buy, especially if you love to browse through lots of unique pieces.  On our UsedEverywhere site, you can find many different pieces in various price ranges, which basically saves you from visiting every store in your area – it’s all here in one place. Added bonus – you can drink your coffee and eat your snacks while you browse. Take a peek at this article for five of the best vintage furniture buys for your bedroom!

Best way to search for vintage on our sites?

If you don’t know what you are looking for, simply use the search term vintage from our homepage and search the whole site. You can also search individual categories using the search terms; vintage, upcycle, retro and antique. If you know exactly what you are looking for, then use those terms. For example; vintage dresser, vintage coffee table, etc.

Who doesn’t want a vintage coin operated rocking horse in their boudoir! All items found on

Chairs with Matching Footstools

Bedroom, sleeping quarters, bedchamber, or whatever you want to call it; bedrooms are supposed to be comfortable, cozy, and at least a tad bit spicy. Think boudoir rather than bedroom and look for vintage furniture that gives sex appeal. Perhaps a chair with footstool, or perhaps a chaise longue darling? The beauty of finding used furniture, vintage or otherwise is also in the upcycle potential. Often the retro shape of a piece is enough to make a purchase worthwhile even if there are holes in fabric or the seat is sagging.


Vintage artwork can range from sculpture to painting and it can be pricey if you buy it from an antique dealer. The key to buying used vintage artwork online is to Google the artist’s name, find out what the value of the artwork is, and see how much of a score you have on your hands. Falling in love with a piece of vintage art is a wonderful way to fall in love with your bedroom.

Area Rugs

The rug doesn’t need to be old and stinky to be considered vintage. Do an online search for the term “vintage rugs” to see what comes up for you. Then take a look through a UsedEverywhere website in your area to see if there are any similar styles to what you like. Area rugs are the perfect way to warm up a cool room that has a hardwood flooring and a winter draft. If you are having trouble finding a good as new vintage rug, look for similar patterns on more modern purchases.


There is really nothing better than a vintage-style lamp. Vintage lamps are way funkier than modern lamps and they are often made of high quality materials, including tinted glass and beads. Sometimes, a lamp is all you need for a vintage furniture injection.


Vintage dressers not only look cool, they are also one of those used furniture items that you can buy used and sell used in 20 years with almost no visible wear and tear. Vintage dressers are often made with solid wood for longevity, so with a quick coat of paint they can fit nicely into a more modern themed bedroom. Again, the beauty of good quality used furniture – they don’t make them like they used to – often lies in the upcycle.

Head Boards

Whilst you don’t want to buy a vintage mattress, a vintage bed frame or head board can be a decadent upgrade to your bedroom. Just make sure it’s the right size as European and vintage bed sizes can differ to what we use now.

Whether you are searching for vintage chairs, artwork, dressers, or lamps; choosing vintage is one of the best ways to get your money’s worth on a great item that you can hold onto for a number of years or resell for the same price in the future. Score!


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