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Used furniture: transforming used pallets

Now if I had a dollar for every time I saw discarded pallets. Add to that another dollar for every time I saw a terrific pallet upcycle and well, I’d be writing to you from my island paradise!

The saying “one person’s trash is another person’s treasure” could not be more true than when it comes to wooden pallets. So often, on the websites, people are using the “free” sections to get rid of them. Check out this article for ideas on what to do with their so called “trash.”

Indoor or outdoor table

It doesn’t take a genius to see that pallets are held together in one of two ways: nails or staples. All it takes is a little bit of brute force to pull apart the wood pieces and slap them back together again, in a new formation, to get something rather glorious. The perfect addition to any outdoor patio or garden area is an outdoor table. Have your pallet table in a covered area so that it withstands the elements, or treat and paint it for some extra vibrancy and longevity. For a full tutorial and guided instructions on how to complete the table shown in the picture, visit this Survive France Network’s article about how to make a table from discarded pallets.

Bed frame

What a simple and modern approach to an otherwise costly bedroom makeover! Don’t bother buying a bed frame; just find some nice free pallets and you’re good to go. Choose the pallets with the least wear, and choose ones that are level with one another. If you can’t find any that are nice enough to put under your lovely mattress, then go with the crummy-looking pallets and simply sand them down and slap on a coat of pretty paint. Match the paint with the rest of your bedroom décor and you’re golden! See more on Interior Holic’s article– On Budget: DIY Bedframe Ideas.

Bench bar

The pictured bench bar project is a bit complicated for most DIY’ers, but don’t be scared to go the extra mile, if you’re up for the challenge. How cool would it be to have your own outdoor bar? It would be perfect for a summer party and an ideal match for any BBQ setting. See Survive France Network’s website, again, for some primo inspiration.

Bookshelf or planter box

If you are looking for a simpler project, something you could complete in a day or less, then a bookshelf or planter box may be a DIY escapade that’s more up your alley. I understand your style; you’re someone who wants to do the job yourself, but you’re not exactly looking to spend your whole life on a project. Kudos to you for giving it your all; you’ll be pleased with yourself for your efforts with one of these DIY activities. For the planter box, check out Dishfunctional Designs for some awesome ideas. For the bookshelf, the post on Krrb gives some details on ideal measurements.

For further ideas check out this amazing website, The Whoot for a whole pallet category!

The best place to find pallets is in the Free Category of your local Used site or curbside in better weather. If you have pallets you want to get rid of, you can post them to your local site too.

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