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Used furniture: transforming old doors

Are you someone who hates to throw away your used furniture? Would you prefer to put it all to good use, but just don’t know what to do with it? If yes, then this article is going to totally suit your fancy! Whether you buy old stuff to refurbish it, or you have some gems around your home, there is plenty that you can do with a little bit of creativity and a used door. Don’t just throw it out; read this article and have some fun with it!

We often find used doors on our sites. If you are looking for a door for a project, check the free section of your local site, or search under Household Category.


I always used to think that I was a pretty creative person; and then I started searching online for different DIY things to do with an old door. It’s pretty amazing (and hard on a self-proclaimed creative person’s ego) to see what some people are doing with their old doors! Make a cool headboard? Yes! Someone has done that. Make a headboard that also functions as a doorway which leads to a secret pathway in a magical forest that leads to somewhere even more magical? Well, I’m not sure about that one. But a headboard is a definite YES. This Old House has a great article on “How to Turn an Interior Door Into a Headboard.”

Coffee table

So, a headboard made from a door is a fairly straight-forward project. A coffee table, on the other hand, will take a little more planning and a few handheld tools. With some bashing and smashing (and maybe, just maybe, some measuring), your new coffee table made from an old door will be ready to hold anything from a cup of hot coffee to a computer (with the screensaver being the UsedEverywhere logo, of course). ScrapHacker has a fantastic website that displays numerous DIY door projects that will certainly fan your new flame of inspiration.


Whether we believe it about ourselves or not, we all need a little instruction now and then. Today, I am going to recommend a website that gives the most thorough DIY door-to-bookshelf tutorial that I have ever seen (yes, in my whole life). There are a number of different styles of bookshelves that you could design from your old door, but I would stick to the tutorial on the My Repurposed Life website, to begin with. Choose a fun paint, like the red in their instructional, and have a DIY party, today!

More uses for old doors

When you use your creative brain, you will come up with so many more uses for an old door. UsedEverywhere sites often have free doors up for grabs. Free doors plus a little bit of labour equals a genuinely awesome new piece of furniture. Check out this great resource for more ideas on what to do with a free door: Inspiration Green. Some of their ideas include the door hammock, the indoor table, and the chalkboard calendar. Creative? Yes!

Old doors don’t need to be an eyesore. If it’s ugly, take it down and turn it into something fantastic. If it’s free or cheap, bring it home and try your hand at making it into a gorgeous item for your home. Worst case scenario, you can always give it to a best friend as a belated birthday gift (because only a best friend would be that accepting of your challenged creativity!).

Check the free tabs in your area to find old doors.


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