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What is chalk paint?

If you are sitting there and you are wondering what chalk paint is, then you have come to the right place! Chalk paint has definitely taken a leap of popularity of late featuring on many a design and upcycle blog.

There is certainly a buzz around chalk paint, as people enjoy the vintage-esque furniture and distressed paint style that is so popular right now. Annie Sloan, the paint aficionado, is the true creator of chalk paint. It has a very matte/chalky finish and was designed by Annie when she was in need of something very particular for furniture, floors and walls.

Since then, many people have tried to make their own chalk paint. There are a few different methods and we will try our own here on the blog soon. For now though, here are a few interesting tidbits about chalk paint.

Chalk paint and its popularity

Chalk paint has been on the market for a couple of decades, but it hasn’t gained as much recognition over the past twenty years as it has more recently. People love chalk paint for a variety of reasons, ranging from the paint’s low VOC’s (healthier to the environment and body) to its wide range of uses.

In terms of function, chalk paint can easily be used on a whole bunch of materials, such as wood, plastics, glass, fabric, and so on. Chalk paint has a high pigment concentration, so it is a paint that is known to last a long time and which gives an exceptional colour presentation. Furthermore, another reason why people enjoy chalk paint is that painting with this style of paint means that there is no need for priming, sanding, or sealing. The job is done when the paint dries – simple!

Tips and tricks when painting with chalk paint

Chalk paint provides a ton of coverage for a small amount of paint. Keep this in mind both when buying your paint and when you start using it for the first time. You may not need to make/purchase as much as you think you will need. If in doubt, just ask the retailer.

Once you have decided on your paint colour, be sure to keep in mind that your furniture item most likely won’t need a ton of work done to it before painting. Chalk paint, as noted above, is a great paint to use if you don’t want to do priming work beforehand. This Annie Sloan “Using Chalk Paint” article gives a few really great tips to get you started.

Buy or make chalk paint?

Chalk paint tends to cost a bit more per can than the average can of paint costs, but for the amount of coverage you can get with a can of chalk paint, the added value becomes apparent. Chalk paint, I have realized through my investigation, can be a challenging paint to find, sometimes. If the paint is too difficult to find, then you could always just make your own! For four of the best chalk paint recipes, check out this article “Best Homemade Chalk Paint Recipes.”

Chalk paint can give a shabby chic look to your used furniture, and it can be a great paint choice for a healthier environmental footprint. For some of the best used furniture, take a moment to browse some of the used furniture category on your local site, and have some fun with your chalk paint!

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3 Responses to “What is chalk paint?”

kerry jones

Hiya, love your article about chalk paint, I have used it in fact I know of a brand that sell it real cheap so I tend to use that, but my sister sent me some plaster of paris and I am hoping to try and make my own soon, so will let you know xxxxx


    Amber R Bosma

    Kerry I would love to know how it goes with the plaster of paris. Definitely keep us posted. I am planning on making something up. I’ll blog about it when I do. I want to do a milk paint first. I colour with spices. Amber

Jennifer b

Thanks for the info. I just bought some chalk paint from an adorable shop in Duncan called Belongings. They have a great colour selection too. I have my little dresser from used victoria ready to be Painted. So nice not to have to sand it first. Wish me luck!


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