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Best upcycle ideas from the blog

There have been some absolutely lovely and inspiring upcycle ideas so generously contributed to the blog this year. Here is a series of my absolute favorite upcycle blog posts from 2013. Let’s start with those gorgeous leather earrings!

Leather earrings made from scrap leather

If you are stumped with what to do with all your extra scrap leather pieces, then you will know what to do in no time flat because blogger, Laura Grady, has given us the ultimate way to upcycle our little leather bits and pieces. Make earrings? Yes, please! Here you go- one of my favorite blog posts of the year: Upcycled Gift-Giving: Leather Earrings.

Upcycled doll house extraordinaire

The little girl in me was so giddy when I read this awesome upcycle blog post, for the first time (and the second time). I have a little boy, so a part of me wants to do something similar with a little boy theme- perhaps including LEGO. Pamela Stewart did such an amazing job on this house. Check it out here: Every Little Girl’s Dream: A DIY Dollhouse.

Thanksgiving floral arrangement

Is there really anything more “upcycle” than flowers? They are beautiful outdoors and in, and they can be the perfect way to brighten a room or a person’s spirits. Another Laura Grady piece of magic, this blog post is just the floral inspiration I need to get going on my own floral arrangements. Read about how to do it all yourself, including how to arrange blooms as well as how to this outside of the vase: Thanksgiving Floral Arrangement.

Instagram DIY photo transfer

I have yet to try this one out for myself, but it is definitely a DIY project that’s at the top of my list. Take your favorite Instagram pictures, a square piece of wood, and see all the details on the blog post here: Instagram DIY Photo Transfer

Transforming used pallets

2013 was the year of the pallet upcycle. Who would have ever thought you could do anything creative and functional with a used wooden pallet. Seriously- aren’t they just used for holding lots of boxes? Apparently they can be made into bedframes, wall décor, planter boxes, and more. Learn about it in Amber ’s blog post, here: Used Furniture: Transforming Used Pallets.

DIY magnetic bulletin boards

This is a fun little project that doesn’t take much time and would be perfect for anyone’s fridge. Create a simple and fun magnetic bulletin board that you can attach to your fridge for some organization. Find out all the tips and tricks on Robyn Roste’s blog post: DIY Magnetic Bulletin Boards


A DIY upcycle can be a good way to make use of some of those loose odds and ends that you just seem to continually find laying around your house. Take a moment to gather some of your knickknacks and become creative with them. Grab a bit of glue and have fun with it. Here is to a creative 2014!

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