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Upcycled kitchens

Upcycling a kitchen cupboard could be doing something as simple as changing the door knobs or refinishing the front door. You could add a dollop of fresh paint to pretty well anything, but we’re looking at more creative ways to upcycle old kitchen cupboards and furnishings. Here are some fun ways to get creative with your kitchen upcycles!

Kitchen cabinet to dry erase board

To turn a kitchen cabinet into a dry erase board, you first need to have an extra cabinet door hanging around. Search on your local site and find an old cupboard door. Then, use a great tutorial, like this one from This is a simple and effective way to make use of an otherwise unusable kitchen cupboard door!

Dresser into a kitchen caddy

Do you need an island or a kitchen caddy? They can be difficult to find, and expensive to buy used. I would suggest upcycling an old dresser and turning it into exactly what you’re looking for. Paint the dresser to match your kitchen, add some hooks in all of the right places, and then make sure the top is suitable for kitchen use (add a cutting board, for example). shows us their idea for a dresser turned kitchen caddy, and has the perfect dresser for the project!

Upcycled bar stools

Is your kitchen furniture looking weak? Do not be afraid to make over your kitchen, beginning with the basic bar stools. There’s nothing classier than a nice bar stool, and shows us just how it’s done right. They have strayed from the traditional paint job and have used gold paint for some real style and elegance. Don’t restrict yourself to paint, though. Bar stools can be enhanced with cushions, bedazzle, and more! Find some simple bar stools, like these ones on, to begin your DIY madness!

Door into kitchen table

If you need to seat more than four people, then you may want to look into the possibility of turning an old door into a kitchen table! This photo proves that it can be done, and beautifully at that. I like this door on because of the glass portion. I think that the glass would be a unique touch and something interesting could be done with that piece of the table (stained glass art, perhaps?).

Cabinet into kid’s kitchen

Kid’s kitchen sets can be costly, so why not make one of your own? What fun it will be for your children to play “kitchen” in their very own play area. Add wheels to the bottom and it could be rolled around the house and be easily brought into the kitchen. You could create a kid’s kitchen, like the ones displayed on the blog, and use a smaller version of a cabinet, such as this one on

Have some fun with your upcycle projects and make 2014 all about reinventing the old and bringing in the used!

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I looooove these!

Thank you so much for sharing these great ideas with us. So interesting to see how something discarded gets a second chance at life in someone elses home.
Thanks again, Nadine Erika.




Hi Nadine, do you have a blog? Or do you write specifically for Used Everywhere? Love reading your stuff!



    Hi Emma! That’s so nice to hear! This blog is all my writing, if you would like to come visit! I love writing UsedEverywhere blog posts. It’s so much fun! Have a great day!

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