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Best Vintage Furniture on the Sites this Month

Vintage furniture is one of those things that you kinda need to buy used, right? Every day, people put vintage furniture on the family of sites, and it sells quickly – so a note to you reading this, some of what we list in this blog may have already gone – but keep on browsing!

Compiled, below, is a bunch of the best vintage furniture on our sites this month plus useful links to vintage finds.

Best Used Vintage Chair

Okay, so technically, the titles should be “chairs” with an “s” and possibly not chairs at all since these are stools – the coolest looking stools ever! These 1950s’ vintage Hamilton Cosco bar stools come from the website, and appear to be in excellent condition. They make the top list for vintage chairs because they are beautiful, in good condition, and an excellent price at $100 for all three of them.

Fabulous Used Vintage Coffee Table

I am not sure what it is about, but there always seems to be fantastic vintage furniture posted on that website. People in Regina must love vintage. It was a tossup for the best vintage coffee table this month, but this Kroehler coffee table in Regina ended up making it to number one. Why? It has a drawer and it’s in beautiful condition. I was surprised, actually, when I saw the price tag at only $100. For such a good quality vintage piece, I was expecting a higher asking price. Yay to good deals!

The Ultimate in Used Vintage Décor (to go with the furniture)

Are you tired of seeing computer generated art taking over the entire world? Don’t get me wrong, computer generated works can show exceptional talent, but vintage style art can really be quite beautiful in comparison. Take this vintage-style Western Air art print by Kerne Erikson, as an example. The piece is one of numerous by the famous artist and it shows the depth and timelessness in fine art. knows how to do it right!

Turn Used Furniture into a Vintage Piece

Not all furniture looks good in a vintage style, but some furniture does. When you find a piece of furniture, and you want to give it a vintage look and feel, you can oftentimes paint it with some milk paint for the desired distressed look. Check out a recent post on the UsedEverywhere blog that explains milk paint and how it can be effectively used to turn a piece of furniture into a vintage gem. See below for links to used furniture and vintage gems.

When searching for vintage furniture, use the Household>Furniture category as well as Art & Antiques. Use key search terms such as vintage and antique plus explicit descriptions of what you are looking for; vintage dresser, 1960s’ lamp.

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