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Men’s Vintage Grooming Products

November is the month when we think more about men’s grooming than any other month. Movember is a brilliant campaign to raise funds and awareness for men’s health. We are supporting the campaign by asking our users to add “#UsedMo” to their ads when they list items on our sites. When we see this text added, we will donate 50¢ to Movember.

As we draw close to December, many men contemplate the shave, so in the spirit of grooming, I went on the hunt for men’s vintage grooming products on our sites. Here I share some of my finds.

These vintage items were found on our sites in the Personal Care and Grooming category as well as the Antiques category and Memorabilia category.

Avon Aftershave Gas Pump


What do you store your aftershave in? If you don’t know, then maybe I’ve found what you need. This vintage Avon Aftershave Gas Pump is one of the coolest looking aftershave containers around. Found on




Vintage Razors

At first glance, this vintage razor might not look like much, but the truth is that it would be an excellent addition to any vintage shaving set. With a nice brush and some high quality shaving cream and aftershave, the set would be complete, and a smooth face would be adored by all. Found on



Shaving Brushes

Shaving cream can be applied via hand-to-face contact, but that wouldn’t be at all suitable for someone who is looking for the cleanest and manliest shave of all time. Shaving brushes help a man to evenly spread his shaving cream so that more surface area is covered with a smaller amount of cream. Found on



The Vintage Look

These vintage shaving items are the perfect fit for a person who likes a touch of nostalgia when it comes to decor and accents. Most of this can’t be used, but as far as memorabilia goes, this is pretty perfect. Found on




Vintage Shaving Scuttle

With a picture of Ford’s first car on the front of the scuttle, this piece is more valuable than the $125 that is being asked by the seller. This scuttle would be the most excellent addition to a vintage shaving set, and the perfect accessory to any barber’s shop. Found on






How to Complete a Clean Shave with a Straight Razor

Now that you have all the best used shaving tools, be sure to read some articles and watch a few videos on how to complete a super-clean shave with a straight razor. Shaving with a straight razor can be a learning experience that can be improved upon greatly, over time. Learning is well worth the close shave. Check out this Straight Razor Shaving Tutorial, by Rob Sparling. It’s a great way to learn how to shave like a pro!


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