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Used Furniture: Best Bedroom Buys

Are your bed springs tired and spring-less? Is your bedroom motif more abstract than you want it to be? A few used furniture items could hit the spot, and your bedroom décor could be slammin’ again in no time. Here are a few tips for buying used furniture specifically for the bedroom from your local site. Includes key search terms to use on the site.

Bed Frames and Headboards


Your mattress may have been okay lying on the floor when you first moved in, but it is definitely time to consider owning a bed frame (and actually using it). Bed frames are designed for a number of reasons; the main one being that a bed frame can increase the life of a mattress. A bed frame, even the cheapest variety, lifts the mattress off the floor. When the mattress is raised from the floor, air flow is better, and when air flow is better, any trapped moisture can be wicked away and a mattress will become more resistant to mold and mildew buildup. You will find a huge assortment of frames and headboards on our sites. All the ones in our picture collage came from our site, including a $5,000 solid wood bed frame for $250 on

Search: Household > Furniture > Beds or Household > Furniture.

Key search terms: bed frame, headboard, head board, bedframe, headboard set, wooden headboard, metal bedframe, queen bedframe etc.

Expect to pay: $50 – $500 used, more if new.

Ugly Cheap Dressers

Okay, so you wouldn’t normally buy an ugly dresser. The fun thing about shopping for cheap used furniture is that it doesn’t matter how ugly a piece is, it can always be improved for a few dollars more than its original cost. For example, you buy an ugly brown dresser for your bedroom and it doesn’t match anything you own because everything you own is white and beautiful. Quick fix time: scrape the paint or paint directly (if possible) over the horrid brown with a nice shade of white to go with the rest of your furniture. Or use wallpaper, a quick spray-on pattern and new handles to spruce it  up. Check out some of our DIY blog posts that give you options for transforming ugly used furniture into beautiful high end pieces for a fraction of the price of buying new.

Search: Household > Furniture > Beds or Household > Furniture.

Key search terms: dresser, cabinet, bedside table, wardrobe or any piece of furniture you want to buy cheap.

Expect to pay: Free – $75 used. Use our free tab to find dressers, they come up all the time on the sites.

Bedroom Accessories

Things like hangers, bedding, throws and curtains can get expensive quite quickly but these are the items that can really revamp a room. Look at your bedroom and make a list of all the things you think would tie it all together nicely. Think of a colour scheme and then search your site for items that match. If you set a budget you can’t go outside of, this will eliminate going over thousands of ad listings. Say you’re only going to spend $20 on a lamp, then promise yourself you will only search for lamps $20 or under. All items in our photo collage were found used. The gorgeous ethanol table top fireplace found on is just $10!

Some furniture accessories have their own categories on our sites. Head to household and look under accessories, drapes, carpets, clocks, lamps, fans and more.

Search: Household > Furniture or Household > Accessories > individual categories.

Key search terms: drapes, curtains, lamp, bedside lamp, pillow, cushion, throw, clocks, bedding.

Expect to pay: $10 – $50 for used items, more for vintage.

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