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Upcycling ideas: make the most of the free tab on

The mason jar mania of the last two weeks got me thinking, ‘what’s the weirdest upcycle out there?’ My ponderings were quickly answered by a browse on the UsedEverywhere blog. You may have read this great post ‘5 Uses for a Toilet Paper Roll’┬áby my fellow blogger, Erin Berube, and like me, found the ideas ingenious. The heart stamp for Valentines and the cord organiser are just two of the ideas I will be coveting.

Heart Stamp


I decided to go in search of other upcycling possibilities and boy did I find some wonderful ideas!

Having lots of musical friends, I just love the idea of music sheet wrapping paper, trimmed with old jewelry.

Music Sheet Wrapping Paper found on Pinterest


I also have a lot of friends who drink wine and was amazed when I saw these upcycled wine corks. Unfortunately I cannot find a tutorial or the source for this photo, but if you are crafty enough, this could be a great gift project especially if you have a cork from a special occasion.

Wine cork jewelry.


This next idea is a good one for those who have their eye on the Used sites. I often see old windows and doors for free on our sites. Check out this gorgeous coffee table upcycle from

Window upcycled into a coffee table. From


Again, another great idea if you can grab a freebie from UsedEverywhere – a bed head board upcycled into a garden bench. Tutorial from

Headboard upcycled into garden bench. From


It’s worth it to keep you eye on the Used sites for things people are giving away. There is even a tab specifically for Free items on the homepage of each site. Some people have renovated their whole house with free items (more of that later) but if you are a crafter or a maker, then this is where you will find ideas for many an upcycling project.


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I Googled “wine cork jewelry making how-to” and there were several interesting sites that could be a follow-up to this post. I always love reading your blog!



Thanks Karen, I think I am going to give it a go! This could be a really good valentines craft if you had a special occasion cork. Thanks for your comments, I really appreciate them!


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