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Top Ten: Ways to Pacify Your Kids

Alice Cooper wrote “School’s Out” for the kids, but what if he had written it for you? Would it really be proclaiming the joy of school’s end? Those of us with little devils of our own know that summer means two things: a lack of freedom and an excess of noise. As usual your local online classifieds site has the answer. We may not be as dignified as SuperNanny or have the wisdom of Dr. Phil, but we do have a wealth of cheap stuff that will pacify your kids.

10) Bicycle

9) Education Dinosaur Cards

8) Superman Comic Books

7) Hand Cuffs

6) PSP Go

5) Jigsaw Puzzle

4) Painting Supplies

3) Electric Guitar

2) Cell Phone

1) Harry Potter Books

Have a great (stress free) weekend!

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