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Top Ten: Ways To Get To Work Next Week

Own any of the eco-vehicles below? Starting Monday the UsedEverywhere office is going to be doing their part to reduce CO2 emissions in Victoria, British Columbia. Will you be doing your part in your home town? We’re not accepting excuses readers… too far? Too bad! I present you with 10 energy and bank account friendly alternatives to driving that you can use to get to work next week:

1) Road Bike

2) Rollerblades

3) Track Cleats

4) Paraglider

5) Inflatable Boat

6) Skates

7) Router

8) Toy Car

9) Sailboat

10) Horse

Have a great weekend!

As the social media and community coordinator at, Michael is the voice you hear when you phone our 1-800 number and the text you read skim three days a week on our blog. Keep up with his antics on Twitter @MrConkin.

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