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Top 10 Items for a Bummer Summer

Oh, Victoria. Why do you taunt us? The first half of May was lovely, the first three days of July were a delight… and then the environment seemed to sputter and cough and give up. We’ve skipped to September? But why, summer? Why?!

It’s been a bummer summer on the West Coast, and no one is pleased. All is not lost, friends! I’ve devised a list of nifty finds to salvage what remains (even if it is spent inside… or with a coat on).

1. Tent Who says you have to set it up outside? Camping inside is totally a thing, people. It’s a city-person thing, but a thing nonetheless!

2. Wellies You pretty much need them these days. At least you’ll only be cranky because it’s raining and not because it’s raining and your feet are wet. Am I right?!

3. Comics This really shouldn’t require any explanation.

4. Hoodie Heading to the beach, even though it’s 14 degrees? Yeah, you are!! Put a hoodie on though, that breezy is nippy.

5. Suitcase Useful for packing for your vacation… elsewhere. Hopefully featuring sun.

6. Movies that never end. Got a rainy day and some time to kill? Watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy! Yayyyy!!! That’s at least nine or ten consecutive hours. Maybe twelve if you watch the bonus features.

7. Kitchen Things. You’ve got some time, why not learn a new recipe? Or nine. Or if you’re like me, learn to cook things besides a frittata and that Pad Thai that comes in a box… even if your grandma isn’t like mine and doesn’t insist that you won’t ever get married until you can cook. Thanks, Meme. I’m 22.

8. Dress Up. Particularly if you or someone you know has a baby small enough to fit in a banana costume. Oh, the hilarity. Please refrain from putting babies you don’t know in banana costumes. That’s weird.

9. Bowling. Whether you use this set or hit your local alley, so much fun!

10. A Pool. Because when summer does arrive… you’ll be ready to show it who’s boss.

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I clean house so that when the sun does decide to grace us,
, im good to go!!!


    Eden Dearing

    Smart plan, Robyn! Nothing better than enjoying a day in the sun with no chores hanging over your head!

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