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Top 10 Gifts for the Music Fiend

As previously mentioned, I’ve been experiencing a vast number of birthdays lately. For most friends cards, cupcakes or drinks (alcoholic or otherwise) are usually suitable gifts, but for your close friends you need to step up your game. Thus my dilemma as my dear roommate Matt’s birthday approaches on July 15th. He happens to be a huge music junkie, so a took a peek at the sites to see what could be found for the ol’ chap.

1. Vinyl Records Who doesn’t love a good vinyl? Even if you don’t have anything to play it with, they’re always fun to have around and put on display…

2. …Or, you could also buy something to play them on. Perhaps a Gramophone? How charming.

3. If the gramophone just isn’t their thing, it’s possible some Bratz Speakers will be more their speed. Who can say no to pink rhinestones? Not me.

4. It goes without saying, but an iPod is pretty essential for music lovers. I like this one because it kicks it old-school, remember that wheel thing they used to have? (oooohhhh….)

5. Pop this AM/FM Cassette Player over your shoulder and blast some Marky Mark (not that I do that or anything…). All the ladies and/or gentlemen will be lining up.

6. Learning to play the guitar is totally more fun with the assistance of Books, correct? Correct.

7. After they’ve mastered the guitar, it’s probably time to move on to a new instrument; you know, keep the learning going. Perhaps a Mandolin?

8. So if they’ve mastered the guitar (and the mandolin), they’re going to need some accompanying instruments for the band. Who doesn’t love a great Keyboard solo? No one, that’s who.

9. Keyboard is now in check, it’s time to hit Broadway. Yes, oh yes… Another round of Show Tunes for me and my friends! Especially when it’s Wicked music like this! Oh dear, I’m hilarious.

10. Maybe they’re only a budding music fiend, that’s totally find. Nurture the love for music in a fun way, maybe with Rock Band for Wii? The Beatles apparently have their own version of this. Such a big win.

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