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The Toaster Quiz – How Do You Choose a Buyer?

An interesting conversation recently began in the Discussions section of the Used.caFacebook page. The topic title is “What’s the deal with fake buyers?” and it provoked several users to contribute their two cents. The issue is buyers who show interest in an item that is being sold on UsedEverywhere, only to flake out on the purchase. This can cause the seller to lose the sale all together if they turn away other prospective buyers while they’re waiting for the first buyer to purchase their item.

We want to know how you determine who to sell to. Do you give priority to the first person that contacts you, the one that sounds more clean-cut, or the one who’s willing to purchase tomorrow?
To test your selling skills, we’ve created four fictional buyers. You are selling a vintage toaster. Listen to your voicemail by clicking the Play button below. Then, tell us which buyer you would sell to in this blog’s comment box, our Facebook page, or via Twitter.

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