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The Email Quiz – How Do You Choose a Buyer?

Think you know how to differentiate between dependable and flaky buyers? You may have tested your skills with our
Toaster Quiz last month, which asked you to select the buyer that you thought was the most trustworthy from voicemail messages left by four fictional characters. However, as one of our Facebook fans pointed out, many online transactions that take place over your local site use email as a primary method of communication. So, to further test your skills, we’ve devised a series of emails from fictional buyers requesting to purchase a vintage toaster for 10 dollars. You are a savvy seller. Tell us which buyer you would sell to (and why) in this blog’s comment box, our Facebook page, or via Twitter.

Option 1
Subject: Vintage Toaster

Hi, I am very interested in your vintage toaster. I am a prop designer for the Nigerian Cinema Association and have not been able to find a toaster like yours anywhere else. I only ask that I pay with a $100.00 cashier’s check. If you would please cash the check at your local bank and send the excess money and toaster to one of our agents in Canada. I will receive the toaster from them. Thank you very much for your trouble.

Option 2
Subject: (no subject)

yo id like to buy ur toster…ill meet you tom or saterday at ur place..price is 10 bucks still rite?

Option 3
Subject: Toaster for sale!

I saw that you’re selling your toaster. I’m gonna buy it, but first check this out. My friend just got this really great deal on kitchen appliances at this website. Check it out I bet you’d be able to find a really cheap new toaster!

Option 4
Subject: The vintage toaster for ten dollars

Hello. I would really like to purchase your toaster. Do you mind if we use PayPal? It’s a safe and secure way of transferring money over the Internet. Also, if you don’t already have a PayPal account, it’s really easy to set one up. I will gladly pay ten dollars for your toaster (in fact, I think it’s a steal!). Just send me your PayPal password and I will transfer the money before I pick the toaster up from your house. Thanks!

Post your analysis and stay tuned! We’ll give you our rundown and some additional tips next week.

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