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The EcoStar Community Environmental Awards

Are you an advocate for environmental change? Do you support recycling, water conservation, and waste reduction? If saving the the Earth is right up your alley (and you live on the southern tip of Vancouver Island), you may want to nominate yourself for the Capital Regional District’s (CRD) 2010 EcoStar Community Environmental Awards, which aim to recognize outstanding environmental achievements and contributions by individuals, organizations, and businesses alike.

The awards have been hosted by the CRD since 2004 and have presented awards in conservation and restoration, environmental education, pollution prevention, research and technology, and several other categories. This year, seven environmental achievements are being recognized:
1. Community Environmental Leader
The Community Leader Award honors the work of an individual who has continually gone the extra mile to help steward our environment and engage in conservation. The award winner will have a record of excellence in contributing to the state of the region’s environment, and serve as a positive role model within the community.
2. Youth Leader
The Youth Leader Award celebrates a youth who has contributed to community participation, leadership, emerging initiative and vision within our region.
3. Water Stewardship
The Water Stewardship Award acknowledges individuals, groups, or organizations that have shown a commitment to protecting the water that we use and put back in our environment.
4. Waste Reduction
The Waste Reduction Award acknowledges an individual, group or organization that draws attention to the richness and diversity of the natural world and the importance of working toward ecological sustainability through waste avoidance and resource conservation.
5. Climate Action
The Climate Action Award acknowledges an individual, group or organization who actively works to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions and/or adapt to the economic, social, and environmental consequences of climate change.
6. Land Stewardship
The Land Stewardship Award recognizes individuals, groups or organizations working on preserving, enhancing or restoring ecosystems and/or land for local food production, urban forests, or natural parks.
7. Integrated Watershed Management
The Integrated Watershed Management Award recognizes individuals, groups or organizations working on protecting and restoring urban and rural watersheds, educating and practicing rainwater and stormwater management, protecting watershed habitats and ecosystems, and managing water flows to improve watershed functions in developments.

Spread the word if you know someone who would fits the bill! You can nominate yourself, your business, or a friend at the EcoStar website. Applications will be accepted from Monday, March 8th to Sunday, April 11th, 2010 at midnight.

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