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Sort, store and save: it’s spring. (Well almost!)

I know, I know, most parts of the country are still covered in snow, yet here in Victoria we are seeing the sun bright in the sky and blooms poking through the earth.

As spring hits, a lot of us without even realizing start to think about blowing out those winter cobwebs and doing a big spring clean. But wait! Especially you, Victoria residents, there is still time for snow and you don’t want to be disappointed when hibernation calls again!

So instead, why not start off small, with just a few new storage and organization ideas before the big clean commences.

This first one isn’t really about storage but is more about organizing. One of my  team mates showed me this, The Bills Binder, a great way for keeping on top of bills. If you do live somewhere where the sky is grey and the roads are still white, this might be a good indoor activity one evening. This makes filing your bills so much easier. If you are anything like me the word filing conjures up other f words and bills get left on the microwave.

This binder tutorial comes from Echoes of Laughter. What I love about it is the great visual it gives you of your money over the month.


I also love this, the birthday card binder because sometimes, though not often, I leave birthday cards and gifts until the very last minute. This one is easy to work out for yourself but here is a tutorial and sweet blog just in case – from


This following storage tip is another good rainy day tidy up and is something I desperately need. Every morning, I scramble around for lids, the right size containers, anything that will hold food! I think a Lunch Kit Drawer is in order.

From Organised To Make Life Easier


This next one is a really good storage solution to have in place prior to your big spring clean. If you have kids, then the likelihood is you have toys. Lots of toys. Organizing a storage solution that your kids can handle, that looks good and that does the job well is crucial.

From Love Grows Wild


All of the blogs I have mentioned here have hundreds of organizing tips for you. If you are planning that big clean any time soon, think about employing some tidying options so that your spring clean lasts beyond summer!

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