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House Rentals: Best Bathroom Colours

The house rental pages on our sites are hugely popular, some of our most popular pages in fact. We know a lot of our readers find their apartment and house rentals on our sites as well as their furnishings and upcycles! We love it!

So here we bring you some decor ideas that we at HQ love and want to share. As a “Useder” yes, I just said that, we know you are on a budget, so that’s our focus as well as fun tips and advice that we want to pass on.

This post is brings you our top three bathroom paint jobs for a quick lick of colour in a house rental that will look good long term, is easily available and easy to match accessories to.

Pale Sunshine

house rentals series best bathroom colours

Pale Sunshine. Image From

Pale sunshine is a descriptive term for a soft yellow, an almost cream shade. Pale sunshine is a cheery colour that is designed to be refreshing without being overpowering like an intense sunny yellow. Imagine, walking into the warm glow of a sunrise or a sunset everytime you had a bath. You’re relaxing already aren’t you? This is a colour that helps you to wake up in the morning and calm down in the evening. In addition to assisting with elevated moods in the dreary winter months, this colour melds really well with most pre-existing bathroom décor- even those awfully coloured bath tubs from the 60s – mine’s avocado.

Aqua Marine

house rentals series best bathroom colours

Blue For You. Image From

We’re not talking “deep sea diver blue” as that can be a little intense. Aqua marine is a pale turquoise, and it presents more of a seaside feel than a down-to-earth vibe. The cool thing about painting the bathroom in a light turquoise colour is that there are so many bathroom décor items that mesh well with this colour, simply because ocean themes are so common for bathrooms. Add some seashells, a few of your favourite ocean photos framed in wood, and voila. White goes exceptionally well with aqua marine painted walls, so almost any accessory would match and these are easy to find used.

Black & White

house rentals series best bathroom colours

Monochrome. Image From

Initially, black and white may seem boring and probably passé, next I’ll be telling to put an image of Pierrot on your wall. But, when you are considering bathroom fashion, black and white may be the most sensible colour scheme available on the market. Why? Toilets in house rentals are most often white. Bathtubs in house rentals are most often white. Search around for a black and white shower curtain, toothbrush holder, and bathmat and you are nearly done decorating.

Choosing the right paint colour for a bathroom can make or break the environment of the room. Try to choose a colour that will work well with the furnishings you already possess, and keep your budget down by searching for used items whenever you can.

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3 Responses to “House Rentals: Best Bathroom Colours”


I most like the black and white color for bathrooom for classic and amazing look. Cream shade color is also a good for bathroom decoration but black and white is much better for extra ordinary look.


I hate the brick on our home.I thought about painting it.I have seen several that were painted and they looked good.I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on it And maybe were to start.Thanks


    Amber R Bosma

    I love painted brick. Myself I prefer plain white, but if the brick is around a feature in the kitchen let’s say, I like the idea of painting white but then paint a series of bricks a few different colours. You could do a simple pattern in various pastel shades. Here’s a link I found all about painted brick; Amber

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