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Random Acts of Kindness Week

I bet you didn’t know that February 14-20 is Random Acts of Kindness Week. I’m reasonably confident about this, because I didn’t know either until about 12 minutes before I began writing this post (when Katie let me know).

Is it just me or is it kind of sad that we even need to designate a week to be nice to people? Sure, we’re all busy and a lot of us live in big cities that have made us a little jaded, but when did we stop being kind for no reason? Or maybe we haven’t, maybe we just don’t hear about it anymore because it’s not that interesting. I’m not sure; I’m very curious to hear your take on the situation.

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For the UsedEverywhere team, this is something we work hard to keep at the heart of the company. A lot of people talk about giving and kindness over the holidays, but what about an idle day in February? March? July? We’re lucky to have an awesome team that loves to give back; our Community Angels, like Dan here in Victoria, work tirelessly to help families out in the community. We love to say “Thanks!” and help out whenever we can.

It doesn’t have to be a huge gesture in order to make someone’s day. The website has a list of Kindness Ideas – everything from bringing some treats into the office for your co-workers to making blankets for the homeless.

Something to think about: Have you been kind today?

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