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Officially… Summer Time

It has arrived, my friends. Rather, it arrived yesterday: the very first official day of summer. The sad news is the longest day of the year is now behind us. The good news is that we have until September 23rd to enjoy the glorious summer.

With the hockey season officially behind us, the temperatures are climbing, skin is tanning and hair is lightening. Kids are nearly out of school, the air smells of tasty BBQ’d treats, and there are many, many fun activities to fill up your time!

Now unlike some of you, I actually have work to do. But you crazy kids get out there and enjoy the weather on my behalf!

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One Response to “Officially… Summer Time”

Charlotte Cowley

i immediately recognized that dock and slide from shawnigan lake where my family had a cabin until i was 6. wow, i haven’t seen it or a picture of it in years 🙂 thanks!


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