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Not Again!

Another week, another scam. For shame, scammers! For shame!

This particular scam features the individuals behind it sending our emails and posing as the team. Sigh. When will they learn??

The fake email

There are some key issues in this email that identify it as being a fake:

1) We don’t play favourites with our sellers.

2) We don’t ever call ourselves a “firm” (how stuffy is that?!).

3) We don’t get involved in transactions. It was a conscious decision that we’re the broker between the buyer and seller. Once you get a hold of each other, we step back and let you work out the details between the two of you.

The ads associated with this particular scam have been removed and the users have been blocked. Having said that, watch out for this scam or other similar scams, and as always, if you see anything that looks suspicious, please report it and and let us know!

In case you missed Katie’s blog post on staying safe online, here it is again!

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4 Responses to “Not Again!”

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usedeverywhere is buried in multiple scam ads every day all across Canada.
If you don’t moderate the ads before they are allowed to be posted like kijiji does, you will have scammers ripping people off forever here.
Is it that someone is being cheap and won’t hire the manpower to run the sites properly?


    Amber R Bosma

    Thanks for your note. employs a team of live moderators across different time zones who monitor all ads. We pride ourselves on having the highest level of moderation for a buy and sell site.

    Our ads are also pre-monitored by a filter, set to catch over 2,000 target words. This means that ads that fall into these trigger categories will not be posted, just as you mention in your comment.

    Occasionally ads slip through, which is why we have the ‘report this ad’ button on every listing. However since we have real people moderating the site 24/7 it’s unusual for things to slip through.

    I’m sorry if you have had a bad experience. Feel free to email me directly if I can be of further assistance.


Moderation, YES that is the answer, Stop the SCAMMERS.. MODERATE YOUR ADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can moderate these comments, but you can’t moderate the classifieds??


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