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More mason jar mania

Following on from my post last week I talked to A LOT of people about the possibilities of mason jar crafts. It got pretty exciting (for me anyway) and I knew I couldn’t let this topic go without one last little article on the wonders of the versatile mason jar.

The first mind blower was from a comment left by one of our blog readers, Karen. She mentioned cake in a jar. Yes cake in a jar! Again another great way to make multiple gifts in one fell swoop.

Here is the best tutorial I could find from but there are a lot of other options on the web.



Another great idea was to use mason jars as starter pots for growing vegetables or as a cool way to grow your own herbs. I found this tutorial on

Herbs in a Jar


I also loved this idea for making unique candle holders. Use old books or favourite prints. Tutorial from

Candles in a Jar


And finally for all you herb and spice enthusiasts like me. This is little spout turns a mason jar into a sprinkling phenomenon. This tutorial comes from The Cheese Thief and also includes a recipe for a delicious Thai style seasoning!

Jar with a Spout


So really, there is no end to how fabulous the mason jar is, it’s upcycling possibilities are endless. So save them and covet them where you can and if you don’t want them, I do!

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The Mason jar has to be one of the greatest products of the industrial revelution.Take a carrot, potatoe, parsnip, onion & 1/2 chicken (just axe off the head, wings, legs & wack it in half & pull off the feathers & guts & rinse) add salt, pepper & poultry seasoning to taste. Can in mason quarts according to pressure cooker guides and presstoe the old rooster is a superb MRE.



    every home should have enough mason jars & lids on hand to feed the family for three years.

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