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More great gardening tips (involves wine)

Last week I had the pleasure of interviewing Val Norton, a Victoria master gardener who gave me a few beginner tips to starting a veggie garden. Since then, I have been stuck in green thumb heaven, getting more and more involved in the beauty of green space in and around the home. I’d like to share with you a few more tips for extending your own ecosystem and inviting the power of nature into your abode.

First of all check out this amazing companion growing chart from  I had no idea that some plants could support others in this way. This is such a great alternative to weed killers and nasty chemicals.

Compatible Gardening

Compatible Garden Chart from

This next one is a great chart if you want to start some plants indoors and then transfer outside as the weather warms up. This comes from a superb article on the basic how-to for getting your seeds started if you are, like me, a beginner gardener.

More planting tips from

But I have to drink this wine if I am to save the world. This gardening article shows you how to turn your wine bottles into watering tools with the use of wire and marbles – super simple.

Recycle those bottles you lush! From

If you really are not green thumbed and never will be, what about these beautiful eco-systems in a bottle. Remember ships in bottles? This is the 2012 version! Watch this space, I might give these a whirl myself.

Ecosystem in a Bottle. From

You could also frame some plants, perhaps you like art more than nature?

Green art from

Or maybe the plants are the frame?

Plant pot wreath from

And if you really are pushed for space, just put your garden ON your home, and voila!

Vertical Garden from

And here is the garden that is to house my family veggie plots. Over the next few months, I’ll keep you updated with how our growing is going. Who knows, maybe I’ll have a zucchini party come July and invite y’all to join me. (Absolutely NO euphemisms intended).


This blog post is dedicated to The H Family, who are committed to increasing the wealth of their friend’s pantries and stomachs.


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