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Father’s Day: quick and easy because you have no choice

Okay quick, you’ve got three days to get sorted. My last post was Quick and Easy Father’s Day crafts, but now, now we’re just too darn late to get that crafty that quickly and that easily.

I was going to bring you baked bean cans turned into Dad tea light holders, something that I saw years ago at Glastonbury Festival and have never gotten round to (I kid you not check out this link for a how to) but hey, this is real life and I’ve been watching too much Ellen.

Tin Can Lanterns Courtesy of

So instead, from the wonderful world wide web, I bring you weird cards and pricey gifts, because that’s what paternal love and respect are all about right?

Speaking of love and respect and then ignoring the concept completely, my favourite favourite favourite blogger, missteenussr did a father’s day blog this week for her sideline site: Review2akill.  Yeah, we may blog, but we’re not that creative, we just live for the months when there’s a genuine celebrative day. None of this ‘national peanut day’ etc etc, a real day that real people will idle over on Pinterest, that’s what us bloggers love.

Anyway, as well as bringing the ‘tude and an heroic animated avatar, missteenussr also pointed out some very cool Father’s day gifts. Check out these Whiskey Stones, because there is nothing, I say, nothing, worse than watery booze.

Think Geek. Think Whiskey Stones.

If you’re really stuck, go down the gift certificate route. Okay, so picture this: I turn to my husband and say, ‘So gift certificates, what sort of a gift certificate would you get for a really cool but traditional dad. Think different, think cool.  ‘His response? ‘Nah, what dads want are Home Depot, Canadian Tire and Sports’.  I give up. I was thinking barber shops, record stores and liquor. His loss.

A quick addition to the gift giving; I was tidying my little one’s room this week and came across so many pages from his little books. I know I know, kids should not rip up books, it’s sacrilege, all the libraries in the world will explode, etc etc, but I am cheap and all his books come from the thrift or the curb and are already pretty ratty. So I decided to save all these pages and scraps from pages for gift wrap. Super cool and super cute! You like?




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Sweet whiskey stones are awesome. We sell them things over here at Old Morris, along with all sorts of other “man” things. 20% off all gift ware Father’s Day sale going on right now as well 🙂 Shameless self-promo I know, but it really is the one-stop-shop for last minute Father’s Day gift ideas.


Amber R Bosma

It totally is. Good to know you have those whiskey stones!!! That’s awesome!!!


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