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Family Feedbag: Food Fervour Forever

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Amy Bronee’s food blog Family Feedbag  is my favourite food blog. Actually it’s pretty much my favourite blog full stop. Why? Because it just seems so darn real. She’s a mom, she makes great food, she takes great pictures of said food and that’s pretty much it in a big fat giant nutshell of awesome. The recipes are wholesome and they’re nutritious, some of them I can follow no problem, others I think I’ll come back to but never do. There’s creativity mixed with traditional and every single recipe is developed in Amy’s kitchen in Victoria BC. And Amy sounds like quite the hoot and who doesn’t like a blogger with a sense of fun.

If you take a look at Amy’s website, you will see that I’m not the only fan, Amy is an award-winning blogger with accolades from The National Post, and Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution!

I put some questions to her recently, here are the results:

Okay Amy, open your main kitchen cupboard and tell me the first fourthings that you see!

White vinegar, tomato paste, honey and chocolate chips.

Imagine it’s a masterchef challenge, in fact Gordon Ramsey is breathing down your neck right now, what dish can you pull together from these ingredients and I’ll let you throw in one more ingredient for good measure!

I’d mix the vinegar, tomato paste and honey as a BBQ grilling sauce for chicken. The chocolate chips I’d obviously feed to Gordon to keep him sweet.

It’s a rainy day, what dish will you make today?

A rainy day is the perfect excuse to take my time in the kitchen. A beef and spinach lasagna sounds pretty nice.

It’s a blazing sunny day but you’ve got the itch to cook, what will you make?

A cold pasta salad with fresh garden tomatoes, cucumbers and herbs. Simple and satisfying.

Midnight feast?

Midnight?! If I’m up at midnight give me a cup of herbal tea and put me straight to bed because the kids will be up at dawn! Okay, maybe a slice of pizza too.

Picnic in the park?

Egg salad. To me it’s the quintessential picnic sandwich. Just don’t forget to add some chopped pickles to the mixture.

Romantic soirée?

I’ve always believed salmon served with a glass of red wine to be the most romantic meal. I mentioned that to my husband when we first started dating and I ate a lot of salmon for a while after that.

Getting the kids involved?

I like to get my kids involved when I’m making something with the stand mixer. They love watching ingredients whirl around in the big shiny bowl. My chewy peanut butter cookies are extra fun because you get to roll them in sugar before baking.

What was the motivation behind Family Feedbag?

I blog simply to share the fun I have in my kitchen. Feeding a family is a busy and important job, and it can be a wonderful creative outlet when you’re having fun with it.

Where do you go from here?

Who knows! The blog has already led to opportunities to teach cooking classes locally, it has received some flattering awards and served as program material for university students. And this fall I’m going on a trade mission to visit fruit orchards in Washington State. I’m always amazed by each opportunity that comes along through the blog and I’m excited to see what happens next!

Marketing Manager at Lover of yoga, bees, red wine, rock n roll music, good books and mountain views.

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