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Dreckitude and Swandom

Someone very famous once said that fashion is something you either care about or you don’t. It’s almost innate in a sense, and even though there can be varying degrees of interest, it’s not something you can articulate to someone who just doesn’t care. I happen to belong to the camp of people that do care, and don’t hold it against me if that very famous person may or may not have been an Olsen twin.

I love fashion not for the labels and the price tags, but for the demonstration of creativity and as avenue for self-expression. I’m fascinated by personal style, and when personal style evolves in such a way that it becomes signature in that sense. I think back to high school when the “cool” girls (ie. the ones with the loaded parents) were all clones flocking to the over-priced, wannabe-hipster mothership – Aritzia. Of course they looked good, but who doesn’t look good in $400 jeans? The people with the most interesting looks don’t appear to have stepped out of a catalog – they’re eclectic mix-masters, and they tend to make masterful use of vintage shops, thrift stores and sites like ours (if they’re awesome, they use No bias, right?).

Sure, to some people it’s just getting dressed. Sometimes it’s a game, sometimes it’s a throwback to a childhood filled with playing dress-up. To others it’s a reflection of who you are.

This guy has serious style. creative commons image courtesy of justinplambert

My best friend Michela is famous for her equine inspired collection of dresses, sweaters and blouses and anything in mustard yellow. My roommate Derek is known for loud and interesting dress socks (rumour has it he made waves in a recent job interview because of the green ones he was sporting!). My baby bro, Rob, can most often be found in grey, black and navy sweaters and sporting his incredible sneaker collection.

What about me? I tend to wear 34 lbs of mascara and liquid liner, I can usually be found in some sort of wedge heels and I’ll buy everything I can get my hands on in eggplant purple. Jeans? Only dark ones. Sunglasses? The bigger, the better. All of this is besides accidental/on purpose coordination with Katie, of course. We’ll be showcasing this awesome/freaky habit of ours in a blog post next week with an USWeekly style “Who Wore It Better?”

Do you have a signature style? What about the kids you know? Do you find it astounding how prominent their sense of style is already?

Bonus points for anyone who knows where the words in the title are from… Anyone? Any takers? C’mon people, I know you know.

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5 Responses to “Dreckitude and Swandom”


I know (but won’t ruin the fun for everyone else!) Oh, ALT, how I adore you. (ps have you been watching this season?? I keep forgetting without having to rush home after soccer with you!)
Thanks for the shout out! I feel like both of us have really found our signature style in the last year or so (thanks europe)!


    Eden Dearing

    I haven’t been watching it! It makes me very sad. Our TV situation is not what it could be and also, I am disorganized.

    I absolutely agree with you – Europe made both of us more adventurous, which allowed us to figure out what works and what doesn’t. I love that you and I can be so similar in what we wear and then divert so drastically at the same time! I don’t think I’ve ever seen you in eggplant purple haha!

Lisa M. T.

Guilty pleasure? Yep.

America’s Next Top Model.

Thank you, André Leon Talley for expanding our vocabularies. 😉


    Eden Dearing

    Yes! Nice work Lisa! Best ANTM judge ever in existence!

Craig Vanderlinden

I can vouch for your style Eden. Liner, mascara, wedge heels, purple, dark jeans = Eden


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