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Don’t Wear White


It’s here, people. After much waiting and wondering, summer has arrived in Victoria precisely on the first day of July; crashing through the seasonal double-doors at the tail end of what would be considered ‘fashionably late.’ Welcome to the season of sand in toes (and everywhere else), sweat on brows and… oh, dear. Weddings.

Whether you think you look ravishing in that special bridesmaid -shade of seafoam green or the mere sight of calla lilies make you want to cry (and not in a good way), it’s okay. We’ve thrown together a Wedding Season Survival Guide, so we’re going to get through this together.

1. Humourous Wedding Movies Who doesn’t love to laugh? Even if chick-flicks aren’t your speed, something fun like The Wedding Singer might even get you excited about your impending ‘save the date’ request. Maybe.

2. Something Fancy to Wear Even if you don’t think latte is your colour, find yourself a great (and versatile) outfit that you don’t hate. It will make the whole thing less painful, trust me.

3. A Great Gift for the Happy Couple Umm… maybe just stick with the registry.

4. A Camera for Capturing Memories Plus it’s way less rude that playing with your BlackBerry/iPhone the whole time.

5. Comfy Shoes for the Reception There are tons of foldable flats on the market right now, and they are a life-saver. So hit that dance floor! Your impractical shoes shouldn’t hold you back from doing your version of the Funky Chicken/Macarena!

Finally, keep your sense of humour handy because something is bound to go wrong. And for the love of Pete, don’t wear white!

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