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DIY cleaning products

Last year I interviewed Helen, owner of Green Wheel Cleaners, who talked to me about what toxins to avoid in the cleaning aisles of the supermarket. She made mention of the term “greenwashing” which is basically brands throwing the words “all natural” and “green” and “safe” on their products when in fact, the product is anything but.

The best way to avoid toxins in your cleaning products is to quite simply make your own or use what you already have in your cupboards. If that invites eye rolls and thoughts of ‘like I have the time’ my advice is to hit up Google and investigate local soap makers, health focused stores and green cleaners who retail natural, non harmful products.

Check out my top tips for alternative cleaners and cleaning tips:

  • Odorous oven – Often your self cleaning oven leaves a terrible stench. If that’s the case, load a baking tray with orange peel and bake at 350 degrees to clear fumes. Also opt for no self clean and instead use a baking soda vinegar mix.
  • Baking soda & vinegar – There is a reason my home smells like a fish n chip shop at least once a week and that is because I swear by baking soda and vinegar for lots of kid based mishaps. For pee and vomit, a baking soda and vinegar paste is going to cut through any odour and will also lift stains. This combo makes a great oven and bath cleaner as the baking soda’s gritty texture really gets into the dirt.
  • Shower curtains – Rather than having to use a cleaner on mildew build up, prior to hanging your shower curtains, soak them in a salt water solution.
  • Green bathtub – Do you have an old bath tub that has a weird green or blue rim? So this might not be green but a turpentine and salt solution is going to lift that colour straight off!
  • Lemons – Lemons are all purpose cleaners! Polish brass, clean your bath taps, rub into your cutting boards and let stand overnight for a great way to kill germs and remove stains. Use a lemon and water solution in a spray bottle for your windows and shower doors, it will do wonders on your mineral build up.
  • Blocked drains – Pour baking soda down your drain and follow with lemon juice to get rid of minor blockages.
  • More lemons -What can’t a lemon do?! Leave a quarter lemon on a saucer in your fridge to kill odours, change weekly. Boil lemon slices in your kettle then let sit overnight to help remove mineral build up. Dab lemon juice on clothing stains and let sit for 24 hours before washing your garment, the stain should lift. And heck, once you’ve used your lemons to clean your home, you can use some on your hair and skin too. Lemon juice makes a great hair shine product and when mixed with sugar works as a facial exfoliant (not for sensitive skin).
  • Salt – A lot like baking soda, salt can clean up a whole lot. Mix with cinnamon for a brilliant way to clean oven spills, mix with vinegar to remove hard stains and my favourite – mix with olive oil for an excellent scrub to use on cast iron pans and is also a hardworking carpet cleaner.
There are very few household clean ups that cannot be treated with what you already have in your cupboards. So next time you go shopping load your cart with lemons, salt, baking soda and vinegar and you might never have to buy brand named cleaning products again!


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Mark Johnston

One of the final barriers in our greening our household is dish soap. I wish there was an easy way to make DIY dish soap.



    Are there any local soap makers in your town? I have no idea about making it, but I am certainly going to look into it and if I find a recipe that works, I will post it here 🙂

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