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Buying a Pet – Top Ten Tips From J.L.A. Society

Owning and buying a pet is a large responsibility and a lifetime commitment. Before welcoming a new family member to your home ask the proper questions, consult reputable organizations and make sure it is the right time in your life to introduce a furry friend.

Top 10 Tips for Responsibly Finding Your Furry Family Member

1. If  you are buying from a breeder or if it’s possible, ask to see the parents of the animal you are buying or adopting

2. Always ask what health checks were given. Speak with the pet’s vet and obtain the full veterinarian history (if rescuing, this also helps to verify the rightful ownership)

3. Don’t buy from breeders or pet stores that support puppy mills and unethical breeding practices

4. Make sure every single family member is ready for this huge commitment. Discuss roles ahead of time


6. Educate yourself on the breed you will be getting, whether the pet is from a rescue or a reputable breeder. Find out the traits that are standard to this breed and ask yourself if it works for you

7. Speak to responsible pet owners you know. Spend time with them to fully understand the time commitment and responsibilities

8. Consider adopting an adult – many are in need of rescue

9. If you’ve found an animal through an online site, such as, make sure to ask the right questions, and set up a time to visit the parents of the animal. Again, ask for health checks and veterinary records. Follow the steps above and this will set you in the right direction on becoming a new pet owner.

10. When the time comes, please spay or neuter your pet

These Top 10 Tips were brought to you by J.L.A. Society. J.L.A. Society’s mission is to bring awareness and educate on various animal welfare issues via social media outlets and large fundraising events. For more information please contact

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