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Bubble and Squeak and Other British Delights

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When I saw my fellow blogger Carly’s last post on leftover veg, I was pretty excited. ‘She is going to mention bubble and squeak’ I thought, but of course there was no mention of this British dish! I’m sure most Canadians have never even heard of it!

I call bubble and squeak a delight because I can’t call it a delicacy! Bubble and squeak is a dish made from leftover vegetables, specifically from a traditional English roast dinner. You fry up your veggies with mashed potatoes or crushed roast potatoes and usually serve with breakfast or brunch. The name bubble and squeak comes because the dish does just that as it is fried up.

In the earliest know recipes bubble and squeak was fried up with either leftover meat or whatever meat you were planning on having for breakfast, but nowadays this isn’t the case and your meat is always on the side.

Here is a simple bubble and squeak recipe for you to try, but to be honest, this really is as easy as throwing everything in a pan with some butter:


  • 4 tbsp butter
  • Any leftover vegetables, cabbage, swede, carrots, peas, Brussels sprouts, finely chopped
  • ½ cup onion, diced
  • Leftover mashed potato or roasted potatoes crushed up
  • Salt and pepper
  • In a large frying pan melt the butter, add your onion and fry on a medium heat for 3 mins or until soft
  • Turn the heat up and add the mashed or roasted potato and the leftover vegetables. Fry for 10 mins turning over in the melted butter – you want to slightly brown the mixture
  • Press the mixture into a patty leave to cook for 1 min. Flip over and cook other side for 1 min. (you can also divide mixture into several small patties)
  • Serve with brown sauce!
And here is a list of other British delights you can tease your limey friends about:
  • Jellied Eels – popular dish in the south, I’ve never tried them but what you see is what you get. Jellied.Eels
  • Toad in the Hole – Yorkshire pudding put in the oven with half cooked sausages a great Sunday lunch!
  • Black Pudding – which side are you on? Some people think black pudding is a disgrace to foodies everywhere, whereas others, like me, can’t get enough of this dried blood and filler dish
  • Spotted Dick – this is an old school dessert or pudding as us Brits would term it. It’s a suet pudding with dried fruit and is served with custard. That’s another thing, there is just not enough custard served in Canada!
  • Ploughman’s lunch – the traditional ploughman’s is cheese, bread, pickled onions and Branston pickle – we don’t serve many gherkins in the UK so when we talk about pickle, we mean of the Branston variety!
Do we have any British readers using our UsedUK sites (scroll to the bottom for a list of city locations)? Or maybe readers from another country? What food do you miss from home? What are your most unusual delicacies?


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Agreed, Amber, there is never enough custard, or Yorkshire puddings, full stop!



    Girl after my own heart!!! You can’t beat Yorkshire pud and gravy!

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