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Boxing Week Blow Out?

Do you line up in the streets at crazy o’clock on Boxing Day morning to grab yourself a bargain? I have to say, it’s not for me. I prefer to do the exact opposite and have my own version of the boxing week blow out, namely; getting rid of things I don’t need or use anymore

I have a big de-clutter tradition every Christmas. I usually do it a couple of days before Christmas Eve. It began as a way to make space for new kids toys but has evolved into a big winter clean.

  • If you have kids, anticipate an influx of new toys over Christmas. If you do a spring clean, make Christmas your other annual cleaning time and get rid of all the toys your children haven’t played with in the last couple of months. If you have friends with younger kids, offer them your toys or put into storage if you have the space. We have been known to literally trade out on Christmas Eve, whilst one of us wraps the presents, the other is armed with garbage bags and packs up toys that have been grown out of.
  • A big winter de-clutter is a great way to make money for Christmas presents. You will find a lot of great stuff on the Used sites after Christmas, but this can be a time when people don’t want to buy, having just spent all their cash on festivities and gifts. Instead, aim to get toys and household goods on UsedEverywhere in November. Many people will gift gently used items and are actively looking for good deals, especially on kids’ stuff.
  • Upcycling is a great way to de-clutter and reuse. The key to upcycling is to be honest with yourself. Will you really turn that bookshelf into a shoe stand? If the answer is yes, give yourself a time limit i.e. it must be done by March. If March then comes around and your shoes are still strewn all over the hallway carpet, get rid of the book shelf. Check out an amazing upcycled gift I received this year, it’s mason jar with the addition of a sippy cup style top and upcycled terry cloth and buttons!

    Upcycled Mason Jar. Now a hot/cold to go mug.

  • Given that Christmas is a really busy time for most, the idea of listing all your unwanted items before the festive seasons can be daunting. If you have the storage space, think about waiting and list in March – just before others have their spring clean and list their own stuff. Or consider consignment, where for a fee, someone else will sort and sell your items.
  • Ask others to join you in your winter de-clutter and then host a swap party. You can limit trades to clothes only or open it up to anything goes. By keeping it between friends there need not be any hard and fast rules other than to get rid of things you don’t want. Inviting people who have nothing to swap is a great idea so that you are less likely to leave the party with more than you came with!
  • Donate to a good cause. Christmas is a time when those who are in a less fortunate position really need a helping hand. If your items are in good working order consider donating them to shelters and transition houses. What you don’t need anymore could make someone extremely happy.

If you do decide to have a clean out, enjoy! There’s nothing like a de-clutter to feel refreshed as you go into a new year! And remember to save all your Christmas cards and extra wrapping paper and store it somewhere safe as it will save you some pennies next year. I loved this post by my fellow Used blogger Lisa Higgs about Christmas wrap alternatives – something to think about as you clean out the cupboards.

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