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Best Vintage Cars

Finding high quality vintage cars for sale can be a challenge. You want to find something nice, and you want the best deal. Some of the best deals are online, where you can buy direct from the person who has loved their vehicle long time. Here is a list of the top five vintage cars for sale on sites, this month.

Please note that cars can sell quickly on the sites, so some of these listings may have already been sold. That said we have provided some useful links for you at the bottom of this piece.

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Vintage Pedal Car

Yes, this vintage pedal car counts as a vintage car for sale online. It has four wheels and a steering wheel, that’s good enough for me AND it’s probably the oldest vehicle on our sites. Pedal cars have been popular gifts for children for years, and it looks like this one, found on is dated back to the mid 1900s. It’s a rad red colour, and appears to be in excellent condition. For $145, you can’t really go wrong, whether you buy as a collector’s item, or to let your kids play with it.

1970 Mercedes-Benz 280SL

A higher end vintage car, this 1970’s Mercedes-Benz 280SL on is priced at over $67,000. Even though the price is high for a regular vehicle, for the amount of work that has gone into this luxury car, the price is well worth it for a vintage. Not everyone puts this much effort into making their vintage ride spectacular, but the owner of this beauty has obviously paid attention to the details. That’s the beauty of buying vintage from the owner. What a story this car will have.

1979 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

The 1979 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme was a cool car back in its day, but somehow it is just as cool, today.  This version looks like it’s in not bad shape, but it could use a few repairs. The nice thing about this vintage find is that the owner is apparently willing to do a trade- great for someone who’s looking for a fix-up project but doesn’t have a ton of money to spend all at once.

1948 Ford Coupe features this fabulous 1948 Ford Coupe. Its Merlot exterior is hard to miss as it has a reflective appearance about it. It looks, according to the description, as though the people who refinished the car didn’t hold back when it came to the amount of detail and work they put into it. I just think it’s beautiful.

Mercedes-Benz Collection

This vintage Mercedes-Benz collection makes the list because it’s not only one car, but several vintage cars by one owner. This collector apparently makes repairs to several cars at once and then sells them on for some very decent prices. This collection was found on

Finding the Best Vintage Cars

When you’re looking online for the best vintage cars for sale, be sure to check your local site often. Vintage cars are posted online all the time and they are purchased just as often, so check every day to find the best deals on vintage vehicles (and peddle cars!).

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