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Apartment living: kids’ glow in the dark crafts

Though summer hasn’t quite arrived, I am still gung-ho on having a perfect little balcony retreat for when the sun finally decides we’re going steady.

I have had a lot of ideas for a kids’ corner. Buying, then selling an easel – on my local used site of course, lugging three bags of sand from the beach to create a sand pit which was of course flung off the balcony with great gusto by my two year old (much to my downstairs neighbour’s displeasure – sorry!) I was going to turn a table into an Antarctic paradise for penguins but then I thought ‘that’s a Christmas craft if ever I saw one, so we’ll save that’.  So now, I am seeking inspiration and by next week I will be putting the final touches to the ideas I have. Do of course stay tuned.

So with kids in mind, this week I am honouring my evil promise and have created my glow in the dark star and moon mobile. So easy and so cool!

I know most kids love stars and the moon and anything that glows in the dark. So now with a lick of paint you can create lots of different scenes for your child’s room.

I used yogurt pots for my mobile, but if you buy the right paint you can use any fabric or craft surface. Yogurt pots are a great idea because they’re sturdy and waterproof and my mobile will end up outside. However, they will need an undercoat before you apply glow in the dark paint and the paint takes a really long time to dry.

Making a Glow In The Dark Outdoor Star Mobile

What you need

  • Yogurt pot lids – I used 15 lids
  • Wire coat hanger – for the ultimate upcycle
  • White paint
  • Glow in the dark paint
  • Fishing wire/string or yarn


  • Twist wire into a spiral shape
  • Stencil star shapes onto yogurt pots
  • Cut star shapes – scissors work fine on yogurt pots
  • Paint with acrylic paint and leave overnight. Anticipate texture, it’s quite hard to get a smooth finish
  • Once dry, paint with glow in the dark paint
  • Pierce hole in each star and thread string or wire
  • Fasten to coat hanger in a spiral or however you prefer

A word of warning that the paint will take a really long time to dry so this is a craft you will come back to over a few days.

Here are some other great ideas you can do with glow in the dark crafts, my favourite is the very simple glass jar effect.

Glow In The Dark Mason Jars from


Glow In The Dark Mural Craft from


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4 Responses to “Apartment living: kids’ glow in the dark crafts”

Penelope Tolcher

Wow so easy and cheap these ideas. Most mums could manage them and the kids would be loving them. Give us more!


Kopanicarstvo Vinko

I like those Glow In The Dark Mason Jars.
Look amazing!


Rachael Lloyd

How do you make the glow in the dark mason jars???


    Amber R Bosma

    Rachael, it is soooooo easy, just get some mason jars and glow in the dark paint and then flick the paint in the jars so it sprays everywhere!

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