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Apartment living: balcony what?

Okay, own up! Who’s had enough of the balcony crafts? Who made the Bosmama voodoo doll and put a wrench in the works?!

Just three days after I finally got on my hands and knees to scrub the balcony with my vinegar cleaner, I saw this sign on my apartment door:

The Power Washer was coming and everything had to be removed from the balcony. Yep everything that I have so diligently crafted over the last few weeks had to be disassembled and removed. And not only that, the balcony floor that I had JUST manually power washed was getting a totally unnecessary power wash.

Well let me tell ya, voodooblogreader, this is only going to make me more determined.  Right now I am sat lovingly fondling the 26 yogurt pots I am going to turn into a glow in the dark star and moon mobile. Yes, bring it on, these balcony crafts are about to blow up.

So in the face of diversity, here are my latest balcony discoveries, I am still trying to manifest a seating area:

Love the seat attached to the balcony.

Balcony Kitchen. From

Simply because I love the UK telephone booth door. This is the Etsy Headquarters. via

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