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Another DIY for the DIY challenged

How exhilarating was my previous DIY, right? Hah. You may have guessed, but I am an incredible newbie to this whole do-it-yourself game. I’ve decided to try and expose my weakness and hopefully make a 180-turn from where I am now… Baby steps.

I’m going to show you how to make a pair of really cool earrings made of tassels. Sounds kind of silly, but they’re consistently all over the red carpet – everyone from Kate Hudson to Natalie Portman (most recently at the Oscars!) have been spotted in them. Sure, theirs are usually dripping in diamonds, but you can easily customize these bad boys with beads to add a little more oomph.

The most difficult part of this whole DIY is finding some tassels. I ran all over Victoria in search of some, my quest coming to an end at Chintz & Company. The earring hook and bead portions are very easy to find, available at most dollar stores and craft shops. The tassels I did manage to find are very long and very dramatic, so I decided to skip the beads to avoid overkill situations. Having said that, the next time I make fancy tassel earrings there will be beads a plenty!

So for my version you need four things!

  1. Tassels (2 – assuming you have two ears)
  2. Earring hooks
  3. Clear nail polish
  4. Scissors

First, cut the top of the tassel so it’s no longer connected in a loop.

Tie in the earring hook and knot it tight.

Trim the extra string around the knot and seal with clear nail polish. Let the nail polish dry and add another coat if you deem necessary!

That’s it! Soooo fancy!

My one disappointment is that the tassels are a little bit heavy. I’ll have to search for some lighter ones (or only wear these ones on very brief special occasions). I might take off the tassels and toss one or both on a long chain and make a really chic necklace. So many possibilities! Especially since the 70’s are making a serious comeback in the fashion world.


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Craig Vanderlinden

Those are crazy.



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