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And Now For Something Awesome

Friends, I present to you Jen Bell and her fantastic recycled dresses! Made from pretty much everything, including (but not limited to) old tablecloths, curtains, shirts, napkins, blankets, chicken wire, Christmas wrapping paper, duct tape and even Jen’s old grad dress.

In addition to incredible dresses, Jen has also made a white 50’s style hat out of cardboard and a necklace out of plastic. Essentially, an entire outfit for a fancy evening out made of recycled materials.

Jen started asking her next door neighbours if she could take the things they were throwing out to make her creations (they didn’t mind). Amazingly, that was only about two months ago. “The whole idea is to inspire people to look at something they would never think of and maybe just maybe make a difference in this world.”

“I love taking articles that the average individal calls trash, and make it into wearable art.  These garments are to act as an inspiration board to create your own personal style.  Our society is consumed with labels, trends and waste.  It’s time to change our priority and save this environment for generations to come.” – Jen Bell

We’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for more of Jen’s creations (and fantastic photos from Diving Bell Photography!).

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