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3 Tips for Commercial Sellers: Put The Product First

Many people use our sites for business. Call them Weekend-trepreneurs or Mom-trepreneurs or just full-time Entrepreneurs. If you consider yourself one, then this post is just for you.

Creative Commons Image courtesy of Fabio Bruna

Here are 3 tips you can use to make your listings better:

It’s about the Product

When starting a business, it’s easy to get caught up in making sure that people know about who you are. Any communication you send out has a logo to make your brand known. And if you’re placing an item, it’s easy to start talking about you first.


Yes, it’s important for you to place you information in the listing. But put the product information first. Afterall, it’s what people are looking for. Here’s our suggestion on how to order your description.

Photos of The Product

This falls in-line with “It’s all about the product”. You may want to place logo’s as your photo. We recommend you stick to the product. If you want to place your logo in the photo you can do that by editing the image.

Again, as someone who is looking to buy a new bike, or a new laptop: images of your logo will not help me to come to a buying decision.

One Listing for all items

Let’s say, hypothetically you have 25 “things”, let’s call them widgets. They are the same brand, and product, but some are white and some are yellow. Your first instinct is to put each item up. But does Future Shop or Microsoft say how many units of each they have or do they just say, we have them?

Think about your listing the same way. One listing for 1 or 100 widgets. In the description you can put in buying words like “limited quantity” or “don’t miss.” Once you sell all your stock, take down the listing.

Use one – or use all of these suggestions. Let us know if you have any successes or other tips.

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